The main club activities undertaken by the Watagan Wanderers  are day walks conducted each Wednesday and Saturday led by club members. Other organised activities include canoing/kayaking, abseiling and cycling as well as car camps, pack walks and coordinated overseas walking tours. The club is affiliated with Bushwalking NSW and through this affiliation, club activities undertaken in Australia are covered by limited Public Liability, Personal Accident and Association Liability Insurance. While participating in club activities, members are expected to take responsibility for their own well being and to act in a way that does not impact on the well being or enjoyment of others


Walks Grading

Club walks are graded from Grade 1 to Grade 6 in ascending order of difficulty.

Grade 1 (Easy) G1 Very easy walk

Grade 2 (Easy-medium) G2 walks are mostly on well formed tracks with low gradients generally involving distances of less than 10 kilometres.

Grade 2 Special - G2S walks May involve rougher terrain than G2 walks but are undertaken at a slower pace to accommodate less able walkers.

Grade 3 (Medium) G3 walks usually involve hiking 10 to15 kilometres with an elevation gain of less than 500 metres, on established as well as informal tracks but occasionally off track - the majority of club walks are graded G3 and involve 5 to 6 hours of steady hiking with regular breaks. G3 Special walks are determined closer to the nominated date - details will normally be advised by email in the week before the scheduled event.

Grade 4 (Medium-Hard) G4 walks are generally on steeper, rougher terrain with some off-track walking and/or distances of more than 15 kilometres.

Grade 5 (Hard) G5 walks generally involve walking off-track in more difficult terrain or over very long distances and can be exploratory. They require a higher level of hiking ability and adaptability.

Grade 5 Special - Off track unspecified walk - contact co-ordinator

Grade 6 Very hard (G6) Strenuous off-track walk or very long distance - this category is for very strenuous activity and is seldom used.

Note: Leaders proposing walks involving rock platforms, rocky headlands and/or river crossings are requested to give particular attention to identifying and clearly advising prospective walkers of any associated risks and difficulties. Difficult sections of rock hopping or potentially slippery rock sections should be carefully assessed and noted in the walk descriptions.

Unless walks leaders are confident that the rocky sections can be easily and safely negotiated, walks involving rock platforms, rocky headlands and/or river crossings should be classified as at least G4.
Prior to the Activity

You are not required to book into scheduled club activities unless specifically requested to do so in order to facilitate activity planning.  However if you are new to bushwalking it is recommended that you contact the leader of the activity you are proposing to attend to gauge whether the scheduled activity is within your skills and level of fitness..

If the walk meeting point is a considerable distance from Morisset it is recommended that prospective walkers initiate contact with the activity leader to confirm their attendance. This would enable the leader to delay the start of the walk to await the arrival of participants who may be unexpectedly delayed en route.

Prospective walkers should also contact the activity leader if they are in any doubt about the event proceeding in the event of poor weather (eg excessive heat or rain), bush fires or any other reason.

Activity leaders should also be advised (privately) if you have any medical conditions that could impact on your ability to complete the planned activity.

                Important Note:

In signing-on, participants are acknowledging risks inherent in hiking activity, accepting personal responsibility and waiving their rights to sue the club, the activity leader or other participants in the event of any adverse outcome. It is strongly recommended that participants familiarise themselves with the full set of relevant conditions as detailed in the green sign-on book.

Walking Equipment

To the extent practicable, individual walkers are expected to be self-sufficient.  On this basis it is highly recommended that each walker equips themselves with the following:

suitable walking shoes/boots;

suitable hiking clothing, including a brimmed hat and backpack (note: jeans or other heavy cotton pants are not recommended);

water bottle(s) - containing at least 1 litre of water in cool weather and 2 litres in warmer weather;

lunch, morning tea and/or snacks; as well as

raincoat, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent and a small first aid kit including any personal medications - in cooler weather carrying an extra layer of clothing is also recommended.

Walk Meeting Point

Unless otherwise specified, the meeting venue for all walks is the car park opposite the Morisset Public Library in Station Street Morisset. Walkers should arrive in time for walk briefing and sign-on at 0900.

During the Walk

During the walk all participants are obliged to keep with the group and follow any guidance provided by the leader. Participants should advise the leader if they are experiencing any difficulties or wish to deviate from the planned activity.

After the Walk

It is a Watagan Wanderers tradition that the leader provides afternoon tea at the completion of the activity, so bring along a cup and a thermos of hot water as well as a folding chair so you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. (This does not apply to activities involving travel by train.)

Notes for Activity Leaders

Activity leaders are obliged to familiarise themselves and comply with the detailed guidelines and requirements set out at the front of the green walks sign-on book.

In addition it is strongly recommended that each activity leader nominates a mobile telephone contact number and ensures the nominated mobile is fully charged and turned on to facilitate contact by prospective walkers. 

As soon as practicable leaders should advise the Club Secretary of any cancellation or substantial variation to the scheduled activity in order that all members can be advised.

9.   Car Pooling

In the event of car pooling, participants are expected to contribute to car running costs. A guide to the amount passengers should contribute follows:

Category 1:Trips of up to 75km = $5.00

This category includes most trips from Morisset to the Watagans such as to The Pines Camping Area, Bangalow Road, Sauls Road, Gap Creek Martinsville other than where alternative arrangements have been agreed to, for example, where travel in 4x4 vehicles is required.


Category 2:Trips from 75km to 125km = $10.00

This category includes trips from Morisset to:

. The Watagans beyond those listed above such as the MacLeans and Heaton  Lookouts

. Norah Head (80km return)

. Redhead (85km return)

. Newcastle (110km return)

. Brisbane Waters NP (114km return)


Category 3:Trips from 125km to 175km = $15.00

This category includes trips from Morisset to:

. Wiseman's Ferry (138km return)

. Bouddi NP (150km return)

. Patonga (160km return)


Category 4:Trips from 175km to 225km = $20.00

This category includes trips from Morisset to:

. Barrington Tops (200km return)

. Port Stephens (200km return)


Category 4:Trips of over 225km by arrangement using 10c per km as a guide.

These arrangements will be reviewed every two years.


April 2017